Watched LOST

Just watched the last episode of LOST, and let me tell you: don’t do it. If you have not yet watched LOST but are planning to do so, just watch the first season, or maybe the first through third seasons, but the fourth to sixth seasons were just a big waste of time. Just a lot of bullcrap and no closure what so ever. That being said, I just deleted my whole LOST directory, so that I never have to watch that crap again. I was however told of Chronologically LOST which seems nice, but I don’t think I’ll be watching it any time soon anyway…

Speaking of TV series, there are new seasons running for both Big Bang Theory and The Walking Dead, both of which I’m following. Still waiting for any news regarding Continuum, I’ve read that the last season of Star Trek TNG will be released to Blu-ray on Dec 6th, so I’ve got that to wait for at least :).

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